Chiropractic in Uganda

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One and a half years ago I moved to Uganda to provide chiropractic care for the local community. At that point not expected I fell in love with the country and the people. There are over 45 million people in Uganda, and only 3 chiropractors. The majority of people have only theoretical access to medical care, in reality most rural areas don’t. If there is any “care” available this is limited to the over prescription of antibiotics, anti-malarials and high dose painkillers. 

Seeing the difference that chiropractic makes in the lives of people is truly inspiring and motivational. Opening their eyes to their bodies full potential. The power of chiropractic should not be underestimated. It gives back to peoples’ lives when a 5-year-old girl that never walked, starts taking her first steps, when a boy is learning to grasp and can therefore feed himself. Some of these kids will never function like you and I but they are gaining tools towards independence and survival. The gratitude and joy that comes with it, is what keeps me going. The initial focus lies on the treatment for pregnant women and children because a woman in Uganda will have 6.9 children on average. Please notice that this statistic talks about children not pregnancies. The neonatal death rate is 19 deaths per 1.000 live births, this means 81 babies die on a daily basis before they reach one month. This does not count the 94 stillborn babies a day, and countless unrecorded illegal abortion attempts. And if that wasn’t enough 15 women die every day from pregnancy or birth related causes.

My name is Prisca, a Dutch chiropractor who graduated from AECC in 2014. As chiropractors, we know the impact chiropractic has on peoples’ lives and health, what an optimally functioning nervous system means and what a balanced pain-free musculoskeletal system can contribute, these people deserve this care too and they need it. For 30.000 GBP I can keep this project and myself running for another year and I am committed. If you can than please help by donating on the link below or email me about options to take some time to come to Uganda to help physically.

Thank you.

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€ 25 ingezameld van €5000.
1% behaald met 1 donaties!
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