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We are Alberto and Alice, a young couple (Spanish/Dutch) living in The Netherlands. From July 2019 we will pack up our belongings and travel around the world. But definitely not just as tourists. During a period of one full year we want to test how we can live a self sufficient, self sustainable lifestyle. Connecting to people from all over the world, we will discover new cultures, experience many adventures and challenge the status quo.


By our trip we want to show to ourselves and others that there is another way of life possible. A modern sustainable work & life style, in which our impact on the earth is in balance with its capacity to regenerate. We will share regular vlogs of our experiences and adventures on our YouTube channel, Facebook page and website of Able2sustain. We will interview all the inspiring people we encounter with questions of our followers, share useful Do-It-Yourself videos and tutorials, and connect Live to different meetings and classrooms in the Netherlands. Thereby, we hope to inspire others to follow their path into a more sustainable way of living.


Our trip begins in the South of Europe. We will visit families and individuals living a sustainable lifestyle in Portugal, Spain and Italy. We will discover how they make this possible, what are the challenges they face and the reasons why they chose this lifestyle. We will learn about how they manage their resources, water, food, energy and residues and still live with all the modern conveniences.

After Europe we will travel through Asia. We will work in different projects in Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. We will get deeper into the relationship of culture vs. sustainability. We will connect with local communities and work together to create more future perspective. We want to bring you in contact with local cultures, challenges and problems and create online teams that work together on sustainable solutions.

After Asia, we will head towards Australia and New Zealand. Here our objective is to learn more about how people in modern societies on the other side of the world live a sustainable lifestyle. We bring you simple steps how to make different choices in your daily life yourself.

The last part of our trip we spent in South and Central America. Presumably Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. Are their lives, cultures and challenges similar to people in Asia? And what happens if a government focuses strongly on sustainable development? What can we as “Western societies” learn from this?

During our trip we will get in contact with many new cultures, discovering our differences and similarities, having fun, but experience many challenges for sure too. Travel along with us by following us on YouTube, Facebook or


Alberto is 29 years old and was born in Spain. After finishing his studies in Biology, biodiversity, nature conservation and animal behaviour, he travelled as a volunteer to Lithuania, in the East of Europe. This is where the story begins. Alice (27) had just finished her studies in Urban rural development and also decided to spent 8 months in the middle of the Lithuanian countryside. What happened next was inevitable. After almost a year, Alberto decided to move to the Netherlands, where we started our life together. Alberto has worked for the past 1,5 years in a alternative laboratory focused on design & biology. Alice started her own social enterprise, Able2sustain, in which she coördinates all kinds of projects with youngsters focused on sustainable development.

International network

Over the past 5 years we’ve developed a strong collaboration with the organisation ONE WORLD Citizens. We are part of this international network of proactive youngsters working together on a better world and future for everyone, including the earth. In hands-on projects we work together with youth from Kenya, Rwanda, Iraq, Nepal and different European countries. We focus on making work of basic needs, by social entrepreneurship & the power of the community.

Your support

We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and good examples. With your support we can make sure that we can share as much knowledge, experiences and adventures with the world as possible. Open source, for free. In the projects we visit we will work for our food and accommodation. But, of course we have to pay for our travel and purchase some new gadgets to document our trip in the best way. Therefore, we ask you for your help and support. Any donation, big or small, will help. Donate now & follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Let’s take the next step towards a more sustainable work & life style together. Thank you so much!




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€ 60 ingezameld van €1500.
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