Panda, our kitten, needs some help.

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Dear friends & Family,

Our kitten Panda has had a rough couple of weeks over the past month. Our little fella has been in a lot of pain due to a serious bladder problem.

We almost lost him recently whilst he was put under narcosis for an x-ray, to check his bladder, due to him also having a weak heart. This was heartbreaking news for us and of course very unsettling for the little panda.

He is now taking medication daily to regulate his heart, and he is also following a strict new diet plan. However, this is not enough to get Panda better. Our vet has firmly advised that Panda needs to undergo an operation to resolve his bladder problem for a smooth recovery.

We wish to operate Panda as soon as possible but after numerous vet check-ups, antibiotics and prescribed medication, our funds are starting to run dry.  Although Panda has only been with us shortly,  he captured our hearts instantly with his sweet gentle character. He is greatly loved by his family and we desperately want to give him his best shot at life.  With the help of a small donation, we can get little panda better and on the road to a quick recovery.  Every little penny helps. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

With love from,

Melle, Laza, Tommie & George

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€ 80 ingezameld van €500.
16% behaald met 4 donaties!
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