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On Friday the 18th of June, I heard that I had been accepted into Yonsei University in South Korea. For years, I have been researching where I could make my dream of studying abroad come true. And when, after a very busy year, I heard that I had been accepted into Yonsei, one of the three top universities in South Korea, I did shed a tear.


In the past years, I have worked very hard to achieve good school results, did extracurricular activities such as Anglia, IELTS and Delf Scolaire and even did two levels of Dutch High school to give myself a better chance of being accepted into a foreign university.


You understand that studying abroad is quite expensive, so I am looking for creative ways to pay for it,

you or your company could help me with this.


In return, I could advertise your company in South Korea, share knowledge of the Korean language and culture or maybe you have a good idea of your own in return that suits you or your business better.


If you want to learn more about me and the story behind my dream feel free to contact me through my site: Donate | (

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€ 115 ingezameld van €50000.
0% behaald met 4 donaties!
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