Team BITA goes Scotland

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Team BITA will be present at the "Special EVENT - The International Choi Hong Hi Cup -", organized by GM Sheena Sutherland, the15th June in Glasgow , Scotland. 

Two champions will represent the BITA

Idajet Lleshi, III Dan, Bronze and silver medalist at the Open World Championships , 2017 Barneveld.

Kiara Patregnani, III Dan, World champion 2015 Rimini, silver medalist Open Worlds 2017, and Open European 2018.

They will be coached by Sabum Pascal Raeijmaekers and Master Dana Stokhof

They have trained hard and are more then ready to go. Just a little financial support would make it a bit easier and take away some stress so they can focus on the event.

Every euro is one that helps...Do you want to follow these two and see them in Scotland to make team BITA proud ? just donate €...

We will be very gratefull and won't forget...

Taekwon 👊👊


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€ 50 ingezameld van €1000.
5% behaald met 3 donaties!
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